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In Depth International, Inc. was formed in 1998 to encompass various ocean related ventures. In Depth Consulting is IDI's principle business, specializing in Sidescan Sonar Surveying, Search and Recovery work and Dive Team Consulting. Over the years, IDC has worked on projects ranging from hull inspections to harbor surveys and performed searches for objects ranging in size from a lost Super Bowl ring to a Superfortress Bomber. Since our formation, discoveries have been made which have taken us across the US, to South America and even as far away as China and Mongolia and have been featured in numerous dive related magazines, newspapers and television news programs. What would YOU like to find today?

Gregg Mikolasek: Project Manager

Gregg has been involved with diving for more than 35 years.  He attended the University of Michigan, earning two degrees including a Masters in Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Science. He became involved with marine salvage in 1996 and became a Diving Instructor in 1997, attaining the level of Master Diver Trainer.  From 1999-2004, Gregg was Dive Safety Officer aboard the M/V Coral Star, a luxurious liveaboard operating in the pristine waters off of Panama's Pacific coast. Later, he became a manufacturer's representative in the dive industry representing such high end equipment as Poseidon, Viking, VR Dive Computers and Blue Steel.  This led to a position with Trelleborg Viking as their Sales & Marketing Manager for Diving. In 2010, Gregg decided to pursue independent environmental work after venturing into several eastern European and Asian countries.  Current work includes a development project to perform an environmental survey of a large lake in Northern Asia. Gregg also works on a contract basis with various film crews as a fixer and local producer in Mongolia.

Gregg is actively seeking contract work as a consultant, project manager and/or Captain in operations, with an organization involved in space launch & recovery operations or ambitious environmental, undersea research or salvage projects.

Gregg holds both a private pilot and a 100GT US Coast Guard Captain's License. Hobbies include diving for fun, shipwreck research, boating, skydiving, camping, skiing, freediving, photography, exploring Spanish history in Central & South America and venturing into the unknown in Mongolia.

Gregg Mikolasek scuba diver diving lake hovsgol prop shipwreck diving research sidescan sonar side scan drysuit undersea exploration Mongolia consulting
Gregg Mikolasek In Depth Consulting IDI In Depth International underwater exploration sidescan sonar side scan sonar undersea survey project manager consultant SCUBA diver diving USCG Captain Lake Khovsgol Hovsgol Mongolia boat captain
Gregg Mikolasek Project Manager at Undersea Voyager Project with Great White submersible used for undersea exploration underwater survey scuba diving undersea explorer K-250 submarine marine consultant
skydiving and flying camera over sebastian florida parchuting skydiver camera flyer Gregg Mikolasek IDI In Depth Consulting project manager logistics airplane twin otter

Scott Cassell: Training Director

Scott has been diving since 1977 and has accumulated over 13,000 hours of dive time.  He is a USCG Captain and qualified Submersible Pilot.

His years of salvage experience include rigging and raising sunken vessels up to 150 tonnes, trucks, heavy equipment and 2 general aviation aircraft.  He has 5 years experience working in undersea construction, hydro-electric & turbine structural repair & maintenance, as well as experience in ships husbandry and underwater engineering inspection.

In addition, Scott has been a qualified Advanced Diving Medical Technician Instructor, Commercial Diving Instructor, and Hyperbaric Medical Technician Instructor. A U.S. Navy qualified Diving Supervisor & Dive Medic, Modular Amphibious Egress Trainer Instructor and Aircrew Breathing Device Instructor for the USMC, he served in both the US Navy and Army, most recently as a MedEvac Helicopter Flight Instructor and Combat Life Saver Instructor.

Scott was the first person in the world to film the Giant Squid in the wild, has worked with Humboldt Squid for more than 10 years and has been featured in 35+ documentaries which have aired worldwide. During his 30 year love affair with the sea, he has witnessed disturbing changes, which has led him to develop the Undersea Voyager Project, in an effort to study the current state of the oceans using manned submersibles, act as a platform for visiting scientists, share findings through a series of documentaries and inspire the next generation of ocean explorers. 

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